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Our Strategy and Values

Better Prepared - Our Strategy for 2015-2025

Our 10 year strategy named ‘Better Prepared’ was launched on Saturday 23 May 2015 in Wellington, with the leadership team brought together from all over New Zealand. 

The Better Prepared strategy will see the Movement preparing to achieve their vision ”that in 2025 more than 25,000 youth will enjoy scouting adventures. They will come from every background, with a place for all, shape their own experiences, and make a positive difference for New Zealand”.

To achieve this, they will focus on five key priorities identified in the Better Prepared plan – youth at the centre, inclusive growth, quality relevant programmes, prepared volunteers and organisational strength.

Better Prepared is for all of us.  When all of us - youth, leaders, volunteers and staff focus on the Better Prepared Priorities, and work as One Team in the same direction, we are a powerful force for future Scouting.

View the Better Prepared launch video below:

The Scout Law - Our Values

The new Scout Law is a contemporary values model, comprised of three values. This will apply to all sections and replace the existing Cub and Scout Law. Keas will now have a Promise, Motto and a Law.

>> Find out more about The Scout Law

Better Prepared Priorities and Actions

Better Prepared is a direction, not a blueprint. The strategy doesn’t detail every step we need to take over the next ten years. Our practical actions in the five priorities (shown below) will evolve over time. At the same time, some useful actions have already been identified. Our members will see and become part of new initiatives – but keep in mind that we can’t do everything at once.

Better Prepared - Strategy Booklet


PDF Downloads

>> Better Prepared - Strategy Booklet (25 pages, PDF format)

>> Better Prepared - Strategy Brochure (8 pages, PDF format)

>> Better Prepared - Strategy at a Glance (1 page, PDF format)

For more information or if you have questions about Better Prepared, please contact us.

More detailed information for members around the above five Better Prepared priorities and actions can be found on the Members site.