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Rover Moot

Rover Moot

A ”Moot” (of Old English origin, deriving from the verb to meet) is an integral part of any Rovers career it is considered a REWARD for a great year of Service, Social and Self Development. We are very lucky in New Zealand to have our Moots every year over Easter Weekend. If you are lucky enough to attend a Moot, be in for a huge 4 days. Our advice is to take the extra 5th day off work to catch up on sleep.

Each day is jam packed with activities, like our major service project, crew challenge trophies including cross country and tug of war. We also have a whole day of offsite activities - self-development tours - which could be anything from caving to horseback riding or even a pamper day. Each day is finished off with a costume party.

No moot is ever the same. Each year it is hosted by a different Region within the country. Each MOC (Moot Organising Committee) sets their own theme and challenges. Moot really is a wonderful way to see New Zealand and meet some amazing people.

For those who can save and plan there is also the Australian Moot every 3 years and the World Moot every 5 years.

Next Moot:

78th New Zealand Moot: Deja Vu Moot

Easter Weekend: 9th - 13th April 2020

Aka Aka Community Hall, Aka Aka, Waikato

Website: https://moot.nz/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dejavumoot/

Click here for a list of all past New Zealand Rover Moots (back to 1935!)

Attending from overseas?

We welcome Scouts visiting New Zealand. For more information, please click here for our Visitor's information page.


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