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NZ Venture

15th New Zealand Venture – January 2022


Imagine 12 days of challenge, adventure and fun with your best mates. 

Venture is THE BIG event for Venturers. Held only once every three years, most Venturers get just one opportunity to attend a Venture.

Venturers travel from all over New Zealand, Australia and the Asia Pacific region to experience a once in a lifetime adventure of their choice. They choose how they spend their time – whether it’s full-on adrenaline-pumped, intellectually challenging, gaining a qualification, developing a passion or a more laid-back, chilled-out type experience.  There is something for everyone.

Every three years strong bonds of friendship and networking within Scouting are forged that will stay with this group throughout their adulthood. Venture is truly special.

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Attending from overseas?

We welcome Scouts visiting New Zealand. For more information, please click here for our Visitor's information page.