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National Council

    National Council

    The National Council is SCOUTS New Zealand's governing body, working in partnership with the National Board for the future of SCOUTS in New Zealand.

    The National Council meets regularly and functions as a 'Parliament' adhering to a Constitution.


    Chief Scout

    National Chair, Stuart Francis

    National Commissioner

    Members of the National Board

    International Commissioner

    National Training Leader

    National Kea Leader

    National Cub Leader

    National Scout Leader

    National Venturer Leader

    National Rover Leader

    National President of GirlGuiding NZ

    Immediate past National Chairman

    National Guildmaster, Baden-Powell Guild NZ

    Elected Reps

    (any age)

    (under 26)

    Upper North Island

    > uni@scouts.org.nz

    Graeme Hounsell


    Raani Kelderman
    Ryan Dixon

    Central North Island

    > cni@scouts.org.nz

    Andy Urquhart
    Ron Dick


    Tom Hutton
    Kate Urquhart
    Hayden Swears


    Lower North Island

    > lni@scouts.org.nz

    Morris van Voornveld
    Caitlin Weich
    Emily van Voornveld

    Alister Bellamy


    Upper South Island

    > usi@scouts.org.nz

    Steve Davis

    Adam Currie
    Rosie Hampton

    Lower South Island

    > lsi@scouts.org.nz

    Trevor Gilder
    Steven Robbie
    Melanie Stanley

    Ross Lewis