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Local Structure

SCOUTS New Zealand - Local Structure

Scout Groups

The basic unit of organisation is the Scout Group.  This is based in a local community and usually consists of Keas, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers.  Within a Scout Group, there will be a number of adult leaders, who give their time voluntarily to help the development of young people. The Group is led by the Group Leader, whose job is to co-ordinate the Group’s activities and to ensure continuity and development.  To find a contact for a particular Scout Group, refer to our Scout Group Directory website.

Scout Zones

A number of Groups in a certain locality constitute a Scout Zone.  We currently have a total of 32 Zones in New Zealand, and these are clearly marked in the map below.


The Zone is led by the Zone Leader who is supported by a Zone team. These volunteers provide guidance and support to Scout Groups and their sections.  Zones are supported by the General Manager of the Territory they are located in.

All Scout groups are governed by the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association of New Zealand, which provides the framework in which all Scout groups operate.

Contact Information

To find a contact for a Scout Group near you, refer to our Scout Group Directory website.

For contact information for our National SCOUT Centre staff please go to our Contact Us page or call 0800 SCOUTS.