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Manfeild Park - Feilding - New Zealand
Saturday 28th December 2013 to Monday 6th January 2014

The Jamboree is now over

There are pictures and Videos available from the Jamboree Facebook Site: LINK

 Registrations are now Closed - To access your application login click HERE

 Fees & Payments Schedule

The fees for the Jamboree are – 

$720   for a scout
$690   for a leader with a Jamboree Troop
$395   for staff on-site (including YST and Host Corps)
$95   for staff off-site (including Venturer Project Teams on an off-site base)


Please download the Payment Schedule for instructions on fee payments



Facebook Sites for more information



Public Pages:
This is where general Jamboree info designed for public and family of participants will be posted. During Jamboree these pages will show images and videos from Jamboree, with new images & videos posted daily.

Note: You do not need to sign up to Facebook to view this page and click through to video's, attachments etc.


Adult Leaders Facebook Site:
This site will have significant additional leader info including:

  • High res Promotional Video
  • Powerpoint presentations for Parent/Youth "Jamboree Information" gatherings
  • Video/Presentations on what to expect as a leader in a Jamboree troop
  • Leader & YST general info
  • For staff roles at Jamboree supporting the Jamboree Troops
  • Ability to post questions and get answers on what ever you want to know about Jamboree

Note: Only warranted leaders will be given access to this site. Please include your warrant number and correct name in the comments when requesting access. This will be validated before the request is approved.


Senior Youth Facebook Site:
This site is for youth 13plus. It will have some additional youth specific info that is not on the Public pages. It will also give senior youth the chance to make contacts ahead of Jamboree. This site is part of the MPWR approach of this Jamboree which has as a core aim the empowerment of PL's and APL's.

Patrol Leader information will also be posted to the Adult Leader Group site so younger Patrol Leaders can have access, via their Scout Leaders, to information specifically targeted to the Jamboree Patrol leaders.

YST Facebook Site:
The Youth Service Team (YST) is a group of about 150 young people from Yr 12 (in 2013) to 26 years old. These people come from venturer units all over the country and some may be from overseas.

YST’s role is SERVICE and SUPPORT, with their main goal to make the Jamboree AWESOME for the Scouts.

Application - On-Line applications now available


Host Corp - can fill an application once they have been invited to be a member of Host Corp.
(Rovers & Young Leaders who are Queen's Scouts or Queen's Guides)


Jamboree Contacts

To contact any of the people listed below, click on their name or email: NZ20Comms@scouts.org.nz
Jamboree Chairman and Camp Chief Ross McKenzie
Deputy Camp Chief - Youth Services Helen Warriner
Deputy Camp Chief - Support Andy Blackmur
Finance Director Terry O’Dea
Jamboree Coordinator

Jenny Rodgers

SCOUTS New Zealand CEO Niamh Lawless
Secretary Glenda Nolan
Administration Team  
Jamboree Office and Administration Director Wayne Philip
Jamboree Office Deputy Director Margaret Craig
Secretary Glenda Nolan
Catering Team  
Catering Director Kerry Averill
Catering Deputy Director Kerin Quayle
Communications Team  
Communications Director Jane Hansen
Communications Deputy Director Steve Hurley
Finance Team  
Finance Director Terry O’Dea
Finance Deputy Director Richard Smolnicki
Health & Hygiene Team  
Health and Hygiene Director Bruce Hall
Health and Hygiene Deputy Director Marie Lory
Host Corps  
Host Corps Leader Greg Walsh
Host Corps Leader  
International Team  
International Director George Fairbairn
International Deputy Director  
Jamboree Patrol  
Assistant Camp Chief – Youth Hayley Thompson
Assistant Camp Chief – Youth Nic Clement
Programme Team  
Programme Director Niall Dinning
Programme Assistant Director Malcolm Parker
Programme Deputy Director - Off Site Guy Beatson
Programme Deputy Director  - On Site Justin Stewart
Purchasing Team  
Purchasing Director Jaki Williams
Purchasing Deputy Director David Thorpe
Safety and Risk Team  
Safety and Risk Management Director Peter Halliwell
Safety and Risk Management Deputy Director Ian Cartwright
Site Development Team  
Site Development Director Liam Clinton
Site Development Director  
Staff and Family Camp Team  
Staff and Family Sub-Camp Leaders Ray & Joy Johnston
Staff and Family Sub-Camp Deputy Leaders Anne Duncan & Ken Wedgewood
Sub Camp Teams  
MBLZN Sub-Camp Leader Alex Warriner
MBLZN Sub-Camp Deputy Leader Craig Bleakley
MBRK Sub-Camp Leader Peter Patten
MBRK Sub-Camp Deputy Leader Nathan Foster
MBLDN Sub-Camp Leader Wayne Reichel
MBLDN Sub-Camp Deputy Leader Warren Bailey
Transport Team  
Transport Director Nigel (Womble) McLean
Transport Deputy Director  
YST Leaders Roz & Cam Potter


Youth Services Team

> YST - We need You

YST applications - Once signed need to be sent to Roz Potter:
Snail Mail - 500 Lyons Rd, RD1, Pokeno  2471
Scan & E-Mail - rozadventures@yahoo.com.au

YST Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZScoutJamboree.YST/

> YST Assistant Leader Job Description

> YST Update August 2013

Key Dates

28 December - Scouts Arrive

28 December - Opening Ceremony

31 December - New Years Eve Party

1 January       - Jamboree Patrol Day

1 January       - Open Day/Market Day

2 January       - Future Scout Day

4 January       - International Night

5 January       - Closing Ceremony

6 January       - Scouts Depart

Site Visit Note: The Site is open to visitors every day, however scouts will only all be on site on January 1st.  This therefore is the only day families are assured to see their Scout.  Troop leaders will have a better idea of other days individual scouts will be on site much closer to or when Jamboree is underway.




2nd JANUARY 2014

This is an invitation for all Keas, Cubs, Leaders and families.

Future Scout Day is an opportunity for Keas, Cubs and families to see the Scout Section in action at the 20th New Zealand Jamboree which is being held at Manfeild Park, Feilding from the 28th of December 2013 through until the 6th of January 2014.

The programme on the 2nd of January will be for all “Future Scouts”. A fun filled day with plenty of challenges, crafts and activities that will have the youth amused for hours. At the end of the day all registered participants will receive a memento goodie bag to take home.

> Future Scout Day Leader Information

> Future Scout Day Youth Information

Sorry registrations have far exceeded expectations and are now closed.