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Mudslide Day 2009 - Hamilton

About Us

If you are a Scout you belong to one of our five sections:
Keas school years 1-3 [ages 6-8],
Cubs school years 3-6 [ages 8-10],
Scouts school years 6-10 [ages 10-14],
Venturers school years 10-13 [ages 14-18],
[ages 18-26]. 

All our Leaders are trained volunteers aged 18+.  To be a Leader you need to have read the SCOUTS New Zealand "An Introduction to SCOUTS New Zealand for Leaders" publication and completed the assessment with your Group Leader, and have been issued with a Warrant.

Our groups focus on a variety of outdoor activities.  In addition to regular Scout Groups, some groups are Air Scouts and some are Sea Scouts offering either specialised aviation or water activities.

Our learning programmes complement learning at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, and in the workplace.  We provide our young people with access to the highest quality training and leadership opportunities, equipping them with vocational experience and invaluable transferable skills.

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