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Venture 2016

    Venture 2016

    Inferno 2016 was the 13th New Zealand Venture - a flagship event in the SCOUTS New Zealand calendar - and ran from 3rd to 14th January 2016.

    Rotorua, the heart of the volcanic North Island, was the venue for this melting-pot of activities and adventure. Venturers (14-18 year olds) from all over New Zealand were joined by teenagers from Australia, Asia-Pacific and further afield, all sharing this unique mix of exploration, culture and friendship.

    Held only every three years, this Venture brought together 1,000 teens for (as quoted from previous Venture participants, and their parents!) "The time of their life".

    Inferno 2016 was the perfect blend of responsibility and freedom - YOU got to choose the scale of your adventure. Whether you decided to ramp up an existing passion, or try something for the very first time; whether you got muddy, sweaty, wet and puffed or relaxed, kicked-back and chilled; there was an option for you.

    Inferno 2016 certainly offered up new experiences and lifelong memories.

    Video Highlights

    For highlights of this amazing event, check out the final wrap video below:








    More information is available on the Inferno 2016 website and also on the Inferno Facebook page.